Titanium Spinning

ForTitude's Titanium Spinning Reels are constructed both internally & externally from solid military grade titanium and high-yield alloys, for unmatched toughness and strength-to-weight ratios. Impervious-to-corrosion in saltwater, Fortitude Titanium Reels deliver inheritable performance and lifetime durability.

Titanium Reels are exceptionally tough, powerful and smooth, yet AFFORDABLE thanks to a proprietary titanium technology which allows for aggressive pricing. Never again pay more for a spinning reel, especially if it is made from inferior materials that deteriorate and corrode such as aluminum bodies and steel gears. 

Exceptionally rigid titanium construction adds power while up to 15 high-efficiency titanium ball bearings and titanium gears maintain corrosion-free surfaces for lifetime smoothness and performance. 

A titanium, carbon fiber and ultra-high-molecular- weight-polyethylene based drag system provides both smooth and powerful drag control. Further innovations comprise a light framed bail bracket with hidden auto bail, which can be altered for bailess use. 

A modular gear box assembly allows for simple quick repair even on a boat. Simply remove the entire internal gear box assembly and pop in a new one. No more trying to figure out what broke or jammed, no more tiny lost parts and difficult re-assembly, no more lengthy repair time or lost fishing opportunities. 

For custom fit and comfort, all reels come lefty or righty with 3 interchangeable handle knobs of varying size and style.

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