3M’s POWERLUX, Silica Nano Matrix Composite, is incredible new material. It realized 20% light and upped 60% strength. We obtain 3M’s first approval for “A tier” fabrication outside the United States. We developed New Lure Rod.

It is worth making a stronger and more durable combination of carbon fiber composite material.

Carbon fiber composite products are limited by their compression strength. It is compression strength that has decisive effect on the design of rod. We cannot overcome the breaking of rod without reinforcement of carbon fiber.

To solve this problem, it must be created a resin with high concentration of uniformly dispersed nanoparticles makes a stronger composite. In 3M™ Matrix Resin Technology, these nanoparticles are so tiny, they can uniformly surround and support the carbon fibers, significantly increasing the shear modulus of the resin, and effectively delaying the micro buckling of the carbon fibers.

3M™ Prepreg with 3M™ Matrix Resin technology feature revolutionary proprietary resin systems containing nano-sized spheres of silica, so small, they are able to flow between individual filaments of carbon fiber, creating a matrix of strength throughout the entire composite. The resulting material is not only incredibly strong and durable, but also lighter in weight and more responsive.

Producing stronger, lighter and more sturdy composite material with 3M reinforced resin matrix is the most important element to complete the form of improved ‘carbon fiber prepreg’ (Preimpregnated Materials, sheet product of the Matrix pre-impregnated carbon fiber) that has curing temperature of 120C.

JS company combined 3M™’s reliable material and our new technology and made the “N-series” of BIXOD. We put an eager desire of all fishermen in these rods. You can experience the new world of powerful lightness.

Bixod N A4 Series is an ambitious flagship model for saltwater lure fishing.

Featuring Powerlux, the most appropriate material for marine environment, and years of experience and the knowledge of sea lures from JS Company.

The most versatile product optimized for soft plastic worms, minnows, and lipless cranbaits targeting all of saltwater species such as sebastes, halibut, Spanish mackerel, and sea bass. Development of rod length from 7 feet 6 inches to 8 feet 6 inches offers diversity of selecting appropriate rod for boat fishing, seashore and jetty fishing.

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